Girl from Nowhere is our newest comic series. It is more adult and slightly edgier than 'Bad Dreams'. Now in production, it chronicles the tale of an accomplished master thief forced into service by demonic forces, sent to steal legendary artifacts. Without a true face (taken until she earns it back), she must travel through dimensional space and time, along with a somewhat helpful 'Demon in a bag' on her quest. If Bad Dreams is successful, we plan to launch a campaign for this project, allowing potential readers an opportunity to contribute not only as funding, but as creative collaborators as well.

The Moonlit City is a tale of romantic fantasy. A terrible curse overcomes an enchanted kingdom, in a battle between its' wizard king and an immortal sorcerer. During their duel (on the night of a full moon), all the inhabitants are transformed into a forest of unmoving trees. Still living, held motionless,

... it will fall to the only unaffected member of the royal bloodline (set adrift as a baby to avoid the curse) to reverse the spell. The Moonlit City is being visualized as a series of full page illustrations, to be collected and printed along with the story in a limited edition quality format.

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Bad Dreams is Gary's first complete comics series. It tells the story of Mary who wakes without memory in a strange land without night. Given the task of finding just where night has gone, she sets off into an ever changing landscape along with a group of oddball creatures. We ran a kickstarter campaign for the book in November 2013. Although we did not achieve our funding goal, as a result we ended up with a somewhat more interesting kickstarter success story, comic book publisher Red 5 has now optioned and will be publishing the series in 2014.

Bad Dreams #1 from Red 5: order a real copy!

Geeks of Doom Review of Bad Dreams