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I've worked in game development as professional artist/animator, art director and game designer for over 20 years. If you have an interest in any of these skills I can be contracted on a work for hire or other basis. If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, I can be contacted via email:

Professional Resume


Game Designer

Product Manager/ Producer

Art Director


After graduating Monterey Peninsula College with degrees in Art and Business, Gary

began his professional career at Continuity Associates in New York, where he worked 

with comic book legends Neal Adams and Dick Giordano. Returning to California he 

started his own studio with longtime friend Frank Cirocco. That studio ultimately 

became Lightsource, specializing in content and art development for clients such as

Atari, Sega, Nintendo, EA, Yahoo, Playdom and Disney.

Later, during his nine-year association with Lucasfilm/Lucasarts, along with Ron

Gilbert, Gary co-created, designed and developed Lucasfilm's first graphic adventure,

Maniac Mansion, which was also syndicated as a live action series on the Family 

Channel. Additionally, Gary was the creator/designer on Defenders of Dynatron City

for the NES. He developed the superhero driven project and was creative consultant 

for a range of licensed products, including an animated special that aired on Fox and

a Marvel Comics adaptation.

Soon after, he accepted an offer of art directorship at Spectrum Holobyte to form and

manage the visual development team for Spectrum's Star Trek, The Next Generation

projects in association with Paramount Pictures. Later, becoming a co-founder at

game developer Orbital Studios, he launched a number of projects including 

Dinonauts for Virgin Sound and Vision. Recently, Gary was a founder at platform and 

game developer Suddenly Social, along with Lucasfilm alumni Chip Morningstar,

Randy Farmer and Noah Falstein. Returning to Lightsource, Gary continued to work

on content for a variety of social gaming clients. Most recently he signed a contract 

with comic book company Red 5 to publish his graphic novel 'Bad Dreams' as a limited

series and trade paperback in 2014.


Product Development and Strategy

Concept and development of game title strategy. Line look, market parameters, target

user profile and participation in associated product planning. Identification of

necessary personnel, resources and tools.

Game Design

Designer and consultant for numerous titles (see game development history), from

initial concept to final design. Created key design documents and associated visuals

(storyboards, game flow diagrams, etc.). Responsibilities included scheduling and 

budgeting. As project lead, maintained creative vision, managed project resources,

identified and contributed to in-house tool development.

Personnel Management 

Excellent planning, communication and management skills. Managed internal and

external game development resources for individual projects, as well as entire 

divisions (3-30 direct reports). External contract resource identification and

supervision. Hiring, review and dismissal responsibility. Budgeting, scheduling (P&L),

personnel assignment, office space allocation and associated resources. Milestone

review, asset tracking and organization. Have written and executed numerous

employment contracts and independent consulting agreements.

Art Direction

Determination of visual approach and resource allocation for specific titles. Portfolio/

resume review of potential assets, assignment or hiring thereof, department budgeting

and overall operations management. Liaison between project art teams and engineering.

Strong concept design, traditional and digital drawing and animation skills.


Senior creative and managerial position in a robust game development environment,

with secure funding and quantifiable short and long term goals. Help define divisional

goals and execute product vision, select and direct resources.


1983-1984  Atari Games/ Home Computer Division   Sunnyvale CA

Artist/ Animator

Worked on a variety of arcade to home computer ports, including Dig Dug and 

Donkey Kong. Development team internal original project: Timegate

1984-1993  Lucasfilm/ Lucasarts Games   San Rafeal CA

Artist/ Animator, Art Director, Game Designer/ Project Leader

Fifth employee of Lucasfilm's start up Computer Games Division, hired as the first art

resource. Created art and animation over the first two years for all the division's titles.

Promoted to Art Department Supervisor, built what was considered by many the best

art department in the games industry at the time. Hired and managed internal art

resources as well as independent contractors, developing an average of 6 original

titles per year. Co-designed the company's first animated graphic adventure Maniac

Mansion which met critical and financial success both domestically and worldwide.

Promoted to project leader/game designer as well as art director overseeing three

development groups (computer games, console and educational). Designed division's

first original NES cartridge game Defenders of Dynatron City. Developed ancillary

licensed media including consulting on a live action Maniac Mansion TV series for the

family channel, animated Dynatron City pilot for Fox Kids network and mini-series for

Marvel Comics.

1993-1994  Spectrum Holobyte   Alameda CA

Art Director, Product Manager

Hired to revamp existing art department, increase resources and productivity.

Interviewed and hired senior department personnel. Developed new pipeline and

procedures between art resources and engineering. Met with Paramount Pictures Star

Trek production staff to establish visual development for STNG Final Unity title as well

as concept development for planned Star themed location based facilities.

1994-1996   Orbital Studios   La Selva Beach CA

Founder, Art Director, Game Designer, Product Manager

Co-founded Orbital Studios with AJ Redmer and Karl Buiter. Orbital was an independent

game development studio funded through a multi-product deal with Virgin Interactive.

Conceived and designed Dinonauts Adventures in Space: a 2D children's title published

by Virgin Sound and Vision. Art directed project Forced Alliance: high end 3D space 

combat simulator published by Ripcord Games. Project leader and designer for 20,000

Leagues Under the Sea: The Adventure Continues co-developed with Southpeak 


1996-2010   Lightsource Studios   San Jose CA

Art Director, Product Manager

Co-founder Lightsource Studios with Frank Cirocco as a contract art development

studio. Initially to create all the visual assets for Electric Communities online graphical,

avatar based virtual world. Contracted with numerous game developers for art and design 

content including The Learning Company, Microsoft, EA, Leapfrog, Disney Interactive,

Yahoo, Playdom and Zynga. Responsible for internal management when contracted by

Yahoo to develop their 2D avatar system. Worked with Yahoo product manager to

create content roadmap and dedicated online tools for asset management. Provided an

ongoing pipeline as well as defining all content over the course of five years.

2010-2012   Suddenly Social   Los Altos CA

Founder, Art Director, Game Designer, Product Manager

Suddenly Social offered highly scalable real time cross platform server technology for

game development. Gary was a co-founder along with Chip Morningstar, Randy Farmer,

Noah Falstein and Rich Mironov. Gary served as part of the internal development team

to create two proof of technology mobile games: Bad Pets and Dice Club. Worked to secure

funding, also contracted out services for a third party 'Minecraft' style game in development.

2013- Present    Stray Pixel Studios   Felton CA

Creative Director

Signed contract to produce 'Bad Dreams' comic book series with Red 5 publishing.

Continued contracting for social gaming clients and gaming platform development.


Available on request

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